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Teens with their backs toward the camera linking arms behind their backs.

About Dr. Trisha Swed

Dr. Trisha Swed is an accomplished educator, researcher, and consultant specializing in communication, leadership, and social influence. With a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University and extensive experience in academia and the nonprofit sector, Dr. Swed is dedicated to advancing equitable and inclusive practices in organizations and communities.

Research & Publications

Dr. Swed's research focuses on leadership development and its impact on identity development and behavior. She has authored publications such as "Towards an Ecosystem of Youth Leadership Development" and presented her work at prestigious conferences including the American Research Association and the National Communication Association.

Consulting & Community Engagement

In addition to her academic pursuits, Dr. Swed is actively involved in consulting and community engagement initiatives. She has collaborated on projects ranging from conflict resolution to philanthropy programs, leveraging her expertise to create positive social change.

Certifications & Affiliations

Dr. Swed holds certifications in Youth Mental Health First Aid, Conflict Coaching Training, and Technology of Participation Facilitation Methods. She is a proud member of professional associations such as the American Education Research Association, National Communication Association, and International Leadership Association.

Get in Touch

Dr. Trisha Swed welcomes collaboration opportunities, speaking engagements, and inquiries related to her areas of expertise. Feel free to reach out via email to connect or explore potential partnerships.

Ph. D. | Leadership and Change Management

M. A. | Leadership and Change Management

ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY, Graduate School of Leadership and Change

M.Ed. | Adult and Organizational Development

Graduate Certificate in Training and Organizational Development
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, College of Education


B.A. | Communication and Leadership Development
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, Klein College of Media and Communication

Certified Conflict Coach | Conflict Coaching Matters

Youth Mental Health First Aid | Jewish Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative

Technology of Participation Facilitation | The Institute of Cultural Affairs USA

Publications & Conferences:

“Critical Youth Development: An Ecosystem.” American Research Association 2024

Annual Meeting, April 11-14 2024, Author & Presenter

“Making Their PLACE – Youth Dialogue Institute in Philadelphia High Schools.” National Communication Association 108th Annual Convention, November 17-20, 2022, Co- Author & Co-Presenter.

“Youth Conflict Specialists – Empowering Homeless Youth Through Conflict Education- The First Year.” Association for Conflict Resolution’s 2022 Hybrid Conference, September 14-16, 2022, Co-Author & Co-Presenter.

“Youth Dialogue Institute: Media-based and Media- infused Dialogue in Philadelphia High Schools.” International Communication Association Annual Meeting, May 26-30, 2022, Co-Author

“Youth Dialogue Institute: Report on a pilot Program of Media-based and Media- infused Dialogue in Philadelphia High Schools.” American Education Research Association Annual Meeting, April 21-26, 2022, Co-Author & Co-Presenter.
DOI 10.3102/IP.22.1891648

“Youth Dialogue Institute: Empowering Students in Media-Based Dialogue.” New York State Dispute Resolution Association Annual Conference, November 2021, Co- Presenter.

“Youth Dialogue Institute: Empowering Students in Media-Based Dialogue” Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference, October 2021, Co-Presenter.

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