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Leadership for Managers

  • A program to explore leadership vs. management and how managers can also serve as leaders for their communities. 


Interpersonal Communication

  • A training to help develop a keen sense of the impact interpersonal communication can have on you and your organization.


Working in Groups & Teams

  • A workshop to explore best practices for working in groups in teams, as well as how to understand and build the best teams.


Discovering Personal Leadership Styles

  • An exploration of leadership and different leadership styles, including how to work best with differing styles.


Community Engagement

  • What is community engagement, and how can we effectively engage others in the work you are doing?


The Art of Leadership

  • An interactive program that combines hands-on art with leader-development.


Teen & Young Adult Empowerment

  • Do you work with teens or young adults? This workshop is a great dive into what does empowerment and engagement look like for other generations. 


Working Through Conflict

  • Best practices for acknowledging and confronting conflict in organizations, communities, and teams.


Non-Verbal Communication

& Engagement

  • An in-depth look at non-verbal communication and how it affects stakeholder engagement.



  • Thinking of hosting a workshop or training for your community and organization and not sure what you need? Contact me!


From small groups to organizations, to corporate teams, we'll design the workshop that works for everyone on your team.

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